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Jobulo’s Top Job Interview Tips

20419729_mJob interviews can be a very daunting process but if you put in time to prepare and practice, you stand a much better chance of impressing your prospective employer.

The old saying ‘practice makes perfect’ is true when it comes to interviews. The more practice you do and the more you think about what questions to expect, the better your answers will sound during the interview.

How to prepare

  • Ask a friend or family member to role play with you – they should play the role of the employer. Ensure they ask you some tricky questions too, after all, this is probably what will happen during the interview!
  • Re-read your CV and familiarise yourself with the content.
  • Think about what questions might come up i.e. past jobs or industry specific questions.
  • During role play, prepare what you want to wear and how you will introduce yourself. Choosing the right outfit is crucial for any job interview.
  • Take down notes during your role play to highlight any difficult questions or parts of the interview you could have been better in – study these and prepare.
  • Use your mobile phone to record your voice during the interview – tones are very important during an interview, especially if you are going for a sales based role. ‘Up tones’ suggest you are a submissive individual while ‘down tones’ suggest you are assertive. Look for tones and articulation and where you can improve.

Tips when you are at the interview

Using your interview preparation and role play experience, you should be in a strong position to answer all of the questions at interview. But ensure you don’t:

  • Repeat word for word any scripted material – it needs to come across as genuine.
  • Don’t ask if you can start again – it’s OK to do that in the role play but not during the actual interview.
  • Lie – above all be honest and be yourself.
  • Give information when asked but don’t reveal too much too soon.