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Creating Employer Specific Cover Letters

8474089_mYour cover letter is one of your best sales tools. If written well and sent alongside a well presented CV, your chances of being offered a job role should be significantly increased. Remember – this is your chance to promote yourself!

In most cases you can use a cover letter template as a base – but if you are applying directly to a company it is very useful to tailor the cover letter to their advertisement or requirements. This will help you stand out against the other applicants.

If you are interested in applying for a specific job role, you should have already conducted your own research on the company, the position and what they are looking for. It’s important to remember that when companies advertise for vacancies, it’s because they have a problem they need to solve. Ensure you outline how you can help them to solve their problem in your cover letter.

Stand Out

In some cases employers could see hundreds of applications a day so it is vital you make your application stand out. We don’t mean littering it with bright colours or pictures. We mean ensuring that you fill it with rich and interesting content. Most importantly ensure the content is relevant. Why not start the cover letter with specific facts about the industry or company to convey your knowledge of the job role? By mentioning facts it demonstrates you are knowledgeable and interested about the work they do.

Highlight You Know What They Want

If you are tailoring your cover letter to a specific job vacancy you should be aware of what the company is looking for. Throughout the cover letter ensure you make references to the job role and how you think the lack of a person in the role is impacting their business.

Talk About Yourself

Half way through the cover letter you should start offering a solution to their recruitment problem. What skills do you have that can help fill this role? What knowledge do you have that could fit well into the organisation? What ideas can you bring into the company? What makes you different from the other candidates? These are all questions you should be answering on the cover letter. Although it’s important to answer all of this try to keep it concise and to the point.

Be Polite

End the cover letter on a polite note as this will be the lasting impression you leave the employer with before they decide who is selected for interview. Depending on the job role and the company, it can sometimes be effective to be more forward. Why not end the letter by saying you will call them to introduce yourself once they have received the letter? This can reinforce your interest in the job and could help you beat your competitors to the role.