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Creating a Video CV

When you are creating your professional CV it’s crucial that you think of ways to stand out. After all, job applications are often competitive and you need to ensure the employer takes notice of yours. One way of achieving this and standing out from the rest is by creating a video CV.

While a CV template can demonstrate your skills and achievements, a video CV can demonstrate your personality and versatility.

By presenting to a camera you can give the interviewer a glimpse into what you are like as an employee and can further increase your chances of employment. It can accompany a written CV and it can also be emailed, placed on a memory stick or uploaded to your own You Tube account.

It’s naturally quite nerve-wracking to create a video – not everyone is a natural presenter and it may feel like you’re being ‘false’. But the video CV doesn’t have to be long – two minutes is the longest you should spend. And you should not be nervous – this is potentially going to boost your chances of securing a job interview!

What Should You Include in a Video CV?

You need to ensure you don’t ramble on about pointless things. The prospective employer needs to see a glimpse of your personality but not all of it. When creating a video CV you should;

  • Keep it short and simple
  • Include an introduction to yourself
  • List some key skills that you think may be beneficial to their company (much like you would when writing a cover letter).
  • Explain why you are applying for a role in their company
  • Highlight any achievements from your professional CV
  • Dress smart
  • Do not read from a piece of paper – keep it natural and chatty

Video CV’s are great for a variety of professions – if you are in sales why not include a sales pitch? If you are an aspiring TV presenter try including some previous footage.