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Cover Letter Tips

13611586_sThe cover letter adds a valuable dimension to your sales pitch and demonstrates why you are suitable for the role being advertised. Here are some pointers on how to construct a winning letter:

  • Avoid writing a letter which is more than one page long. The letter should be a succinct introduction of your application.
  • Any references to the employer must be included in bold type above the letter body. These include recipient, their job role etc.
  • Remember to date your letter. This helps the employer to reference you and also for you to keep a log of your applications.
  • The first paragraph should be a brief introduction of yourself and your career objective. You also need to relate this to the specific role in question.
  • The second paragraph should be a brief overview or your education and relevant work history. Try to make statements which relate your qualifications directly to the demands of the job in question.
  • The third and final paragraph should be a closing statement and include all of your contact details i.e. a choice of telephone numbers, email address and fax (if available).