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Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid

5891634_mWriting a cover letter is an essential part of the job application process.

A cover letter is designed to show the employer your personality and to give them an idea of why you want to work for them and why you would be good for the role.

Sending a cover letter alongside your CV template is vital and can help you to secure a job interview. But there are some mistakes that can be made and so we’ve listed them below to help you avoid them!

  • Don’t write too much. This is a common mistake made by a lot of applicants. It might be tempting to write lots about your experience and why you want the job but the employer simply won’t have time to look through this. Keep it as brief as possible but get to the point – the employer should want to know more about you from reading your cover letter and CV so don’t include everything.
  • Don’t be vague – relate it to the employer. Don’t just write information about you – ensure you relate it to the job role. Perhaps you have done some previous work experience or volunteering that suits the position?
  • Don’t exclude your skills. It is crucial that you highlight key skills. Of course you should also do this in your personal statement on your CV so don’t repeat yourself, but ensure you extract the relevant skills they will be looking for. Before you apply think about the kind of knowledge or experience you would need to succeed in the position and focus on this when writing your cover letter.
  • Don’t lack knowledge of the company you are applying to. You stand a better chance of securing a job interview if you can demonstrate your knowledge of their business, what their goals are and what their history is.