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Why Is a Cover Letter So Important?

cover lettersIf you’re currently job hunting and getting ready to write a CV then you’ll probably be aware of cover letters too. Although not every candidate will write one for every job they apply to, they can be crucial in helping to secure a job interview. So why are cover letters so important?

It Can Add Depth to Your CV

Your CV should be a document no longer than two pages that explains your qualifications, key skills and work experience. You only have so much room on a CV to explain your experience and showcase your ability to do the job so including a cover letter will give you more of an opportunity to sell yourself. You can use your cover letter to explain your expertise in more detail, highlighting some of your past achievements and explaining why they are relevant to the role you are applying to. You can also clarify any points within your CV on your cover letter and as it gives you a chance to sell yourself further, a cover letter can definitely increase your chances of winning a job interview.

It Shows Personality

Your CV is full of facts – facts and figures about your previous work experience, key skills, qualifications and references. Although the hobbies section of your CV gives you a chance to include a bit of personality in your application, it’s only a few lines. So you can use your cover letter to add depth to this. Not only is cover letter writing a bit different to CV (you can be more conversational) you can also mention your career aspirations and motivations in more detail than on your CV which can give an employer more of an insight into you as individual.

You Can Personalise Your Application

Your cover letter can help you to personalise your job application which should increase your chances of being noticed by an employer. Your CV is a standard document and although you may edit the work experience and personal statement section every now and then, your cover letter provides a much wider scope for you to personalise your application. Not only can you address your cover letter to the name of the Hiring Manager but you can also explain throughout it what you like about the company, why you want to apply for the job and what you can bring to their organisation.

For this reason cover letters are definitely important and as well as spending time creating a CV, you should invest time in creating a bespoke cover letter every time you apply for a job.