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Controlling Job Interview Nerves

23909539_mWe all know that writing a CV or writing a cover letter is difficult. But at least when you are writing a professional CV using our expert service you are aided by our tips and advice and you are also relaxed, possibly sat in the comfort of your own home with no added distractions or pressures.

One of the hardest parts of job hunting is interviewing. Often it will be with the Managing Director of a company and it can make many interviewees nervous. So how do you control first interview nerves?


It’s a well known fact that if you’re tense your body will work harder and produce too much energy. This can often lead to you tensing up in interview, stuttering and sweating. All of this is obvious to an interviewer and can even make them nervous! There are certain tools you can utilise last minute nerves.

  • Interview preparation; working hard before an interview is vital in combating nerves. The more research you put into creating a good cover letter and finding out the company’s history, the better you will feel. Often nerves come from worrying about what questions you will be asked and not feeling prepared. But if you do your background research most of these worries are eliminated. Ensure you find out the company’s history and their growth plans before you attend an interview.
  • Dress sense; wearing an outfit that makes you feel good is a great way of building confidence. Obviously you need to make this appropriate for the interview (see our what to wear article). But attending an interview looking well presented will boost your confidence and make you feel more professional.
  • Exercising; no matter what your choice of exercise is, it is a fantastic way of getting rid of any last minute interview nerves. Whether it is a light jog or a yoga class, exercising is an effective way of using up all of your nervous energy.
  • Concentrate; concentrating on something as simple as breathing slowly can really help you focus and clear your mind thus helping you remain calm and collected during the job interview.
  • Put things into perspective; you are interviewing for a job, not a prison sentence. This is an interview you have worked to get and you’re nearly there! The employer has called you in for this interview because they see potential in you and could potentially see you in this job role. Relax and enjoy the interview.
  • Why are you there? Don’t forget, the reason they have picked you for interview is because you have the relevant skills and knowledge to do the job. All you need to do on top of that is sell yourself. And that shouldn’t be hard – the best person to sell you, is you!

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