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Should You Change Your CV Writing Style?

Change Your CV Writing StyleEvery now and then you should change your CV writing style to suit the job role you are applying to and the company you are sending your CV to. Not only will changing your CV writing style ensure you personalise your CV and keep it up to date but it could also increase your chances of securing a job interview. Here are a few instances of when you might need to change your CV style and some tips on how to do it:

Job Promotion

You should change your CV writing style if you are applying for a job promotion at your current company. Not only will the employer know a lot about you already (seeing as you already work there) but you also need to highlight specific skills you have used within your current role and specific achievements you have made during your time within the company. If you were applying for another job role in another company you may not want to go into as much detail but if you are applying for a job promotion then you need to make your current employer aware of the impact you have already had within their organisation. As you are an employee already you can also make your CV shorter than usual – you would have used your original CV and previous experience to gain your current position so in this application you should go into less detail about your previous roles and instead focus on your work and skills gained within your current position. You should also create a more conversational tone on your CV when applying for a promotion – it should remain professional but as you have built up a working relationship with staff already you can be more conversational within your application.

New Company

You should always edit your CV if you are applying for a job within a new company. Before applying for a new job at a new company you should browse the company website and read through the job description to personalise your CV and cover letter. If you are applying to a new company you should highlight the previous work experience you have that makes you the right candidate for the job and highlight the key skills you know the employer is looking for. You should keep your CV concise and make it easy for the employer to find your relevant experience and this should increase your chances of a job interview.

New Industry

If you want a career change and are sending your CV to an employer in an industry that you have very little experience in then you will almost certainly need to change your CV writing style. Try to use industry words (only a few) to show that you have a basic knowledge of the industry, change your work experience to reflect roles that have similar responsibilities to the job you are sending your CV to and use your personal statement and career objective to explain why you want a career change and why you would be an asset to their team. If you have qualifications for the industry ensure you include them at the top of your CV and if not ensure you list somewhere that you are willing to gain new skills and qualifications.

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