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How to Act on a Team Building Day

21393457_mMost companies have a team building policy – whether it’s monthly, quarterly or yearly. Many companies use team building days to promote team work, cooperation and to enable members of staff to get to know each other better. They are also regularly offered as an incentive. If you’ve just been invited to a team building day at work but have never been on one before, read on for what to expect and how to make the most of it!

Every team building day is different but they usually involve an activity, meal or event you can get involved with. Either way, here are some tips on how to act during your team day to get the most of it and to stand out from the crowd:

Turn Up On Time

Whatever the activity, it’s crucial that you treat it like a work day and turn up on time. Although it’s a social event, you will still be surrounded by senior members of staff and your colleagues so it’s vital you make a good impression. If you turn up late you could delay the day and it won’t impress your boss so whether you are going go-carting, to the cinema or for a meal – be punctual.

Be Professional

Staff activity days, although designed to help staff get to know each other and relax, are still a work event so ensure you remain professional at all times. Dress appropriately, interact with key members of staff and try to avoid being negative about work projects. Although you should relax and enjoy the event, it’s good to remember that you are surrounded by work people that you’ll see the next day so don’t say anything you’ll regret.

Get Involved

Attending staff social days is a great way to get to know senior members of staff and to network with colleagues you may not see every day at the office. It’s also a great opportunity to get recognised, which could lead to future job promotions. But the only way to get noticed is to get involved! Try to get involved in all of the activities and have a voice to ensure you stand out as it could help your career progression.

Avoid the Alcohol

It might be unrealistic to suggest you stay on soft drinks during the entire event, but avoiding alcohol is usually a good idea during staff social events. If you drink too much you could end up embarrassing yourself which could make the next day at the office awkward! Get involved with socialising but try to limit your alcohol intake.