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Career Progression: Securing Promotion

21146948_mIf you are looking to progress within your organisation and work towards a promotion, you must put a lot of preparation and time into securing it. Many employers will operate a 6 month or yearly appraisal process where you will have the opportunity to assess your job role, comment on your performance and discuss salary.

These types of meetings can be quite nerve-wracking but if you prepare for them in advance and put in the time to stand out from the crowd you can come away with your desired result.
Here are some tips on how to secure promotion:

Edit your CV
It is not always essential to do this during an internal interview but it might help you become more focused. Your CV template would have changed during your time within the company so it’s important to note down all of your extra responsibilities (so you know exactly what to mention in the meeting). You don’t have to take your CV into the meeting but it is good practice to update it and write things down. For more CV advice take a look at our CV templates.

Make an Impression
Most people who gain promotion will not only be dedicated to a company but they will show it. Taking on extra projects is a great way of showing your boss that you are committed to the company and want to progress. Staying late, asking for more work, helping colleagues and assisting your manager are all crucial in helping you gain promotion and a prosperous future at the company.

Share Ideas
Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions or share ideas. You need to demonstrate a creative flair and show that you have an active interest in helping the company to grow.

Make a Difference
In the current climate it’s more important than ever to show you are valuable to your company. Before your meeting write a list of all of your achievements within the role, improved results, ways you have helped to cut costs and all of your ideas. It is also worth writing some ideas of where you think you can fit within the organisation moving forward and where you see the role progressing.

Think Like Your Boss
When you are preparing for your meeting it’s important to put yourself in their shoes. What would they like to know? Have they set you personal targets to achieve? What are their business objectives? Identifying all of this will help you to prepare some good answers.

Don’t Get Lazy
At all internal interviews it is easy to get complacent. You know the company, you know your manager and you know the role. But that doesn’t mean you know everything. Make sure you do your homework on the position you are looking for. Ensure you have prepared some questions and don’t assume you are going to be instantly promoted.

If you do not gain promotion, do not get disheartened. Just prepare yourself for the next meeting, build up more responsibilities and approach your next meeting with positivity.