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Career Objective Examples

career objective

The career objective section of your CV can help you to demonstrate your passion for the industry and the job you are applying to. As most career objectives are a few lines, it’s very easy for an employer to skim through an objective and to find out your aspirations and whether they fit with the company’s.

Writing a career objective can be tricky – you need to show just the right amount of ambition and just the right amount of experience. Writing a good career objective could improve your job interview chances – so what do you include?

Here are some tips to consider when compiling your career objective:

  • Target it to the job role. When writing a career objective you should always try to personalise it to the job role and the company you are applying to. If you write a career objective that isn’t relevant to the job role then an employer will find it difficult to relate to your application and to visualise what you could bring to their company. By personalising your application you can demonstrate to an employer why you are the right candidate for the role and why they should hire you. Spend time reading through the job description and visit the company website. Doing your research will enable you to write a bespoke career objective that appeals to the employer you want to impress.
  • Keep it brief. When writing any section of your CV you should think about the length. You should always try to keep your CV to two pages (or less) and so every section needs to be brief and to the point. This is the same for the career objective section. Limit this to a few lines and get to the point!
  • Demonstrate how you can benefit the organisation. When an employer is reading your CV they will be trying to find out what you can offer them – and you can give them a hint in the career objective section. Use this section to highlight the expertise you have already and also what you hope to build on in the future.
  • Show your passion for the industry. Demonstrating passion will indicate to the employer that you are serious about working in the industry and will also reinforce your commitment to the job.

Now you can begin to create your CV and write the perfect career objective. To supercharge your CV writing, here are some career objective examples to get you started:

Job: Working as a sales rep for an up and coming telecoms company

“I am anxious to use my sales experience in a new, dynamic environment. I have worked in a variety of sales positions and now want to use my key skills and experience within a company where I can make a difference.”

Job: Working as a receptionist at a technology firm

“I have worked in a variety of front-of-house positions and have built up a strong knowledg of CRM systems, databases and telephone systems. I am looking to bring my expertise to a forward thinking company that can utilise my skills and build on them using new tecnnologies and processes.”

Job:  Working as a customer service executive for a restaurant chain

“I am passionate about customer service and am looking to build on my customer service and rapport building experience in a new environment. I would like to work for a brand that can utilise my people skills and my customer service knowledge and would like to make an impact to the business on a national level.”