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Can You Ever Fully Prepare for a Job Interview?

11272466_mJob interviews are all different. Different companies look for different skills, work experience and personalities. But there are some common things all employers share – check out the list below to help you prepare for your next interview!

Know the Company

All employers will be looking for candidates that know their business. Employers want to know that you have done your homework on the company, that you know the job role requirements and that you have a genuine passion for working for their organisation. Before a job interview ensure you research the company. Visit the company website, find out about the company history and read through the job description. Knowing what the company is looking for and what the job involves will help you to sell your skills and achievements in the interview.

Prepare a Few Questions

Most employers will want to see you asking some questions as this will demonstrate to them that you are keen on the role and interested in the company. After you have done your research write down a few interview questions – it can be anything from finding out more about the job to asking them about progression opportunities. Ensure you take your questions to the interview and ask them when able.

Give a Good Impression

Regardless of the job role or the company, all employers want to know that the person they are hiring is punctual and reliable. If you show up late to your interview or don’t wear the right outfit it could hinder your chances of securing employment. Instead, allow plenty of time to dress for the interview and plan your route so that you arrive at their offices on time or early.

Show Key Skills

Every employer will be looking at how you can fit into the organisation and assessing whether you have the right skills and qualifications. Ensure you take your CV template along to the interview and demonstrate how you are the right candidate for the job!

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