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Boosting Your CV Qualifications

9177675_mIf you feel your CV qualifications are holding you back from progressing then it could be time to seriously consider going back to school!

Regardless of whether you left education a few years ago or decades ago, qualifications on your CV will be just as important. Although qualifications aren’t everything (some employers are really eager to find candidates with ‘hands on’ experience) your chosen industry might require a specific grade or qualification. Or you might find yourself losing out during job interviews to candidates with slightly higher grades. If this is happening to you then why not consider slipping back into your shirt and tie and attending a training course?

The good news for those who feel they don’t have the time is that some qualifications can be achieved by learning from home or employing a tutor to work with you when it’s most convenient for you.
Here are some advantages to adding extra qualifications to your CV;

  • It will make you feel more confident
  • It will add depth and content to your CV template
  • It will help you to specialise in your chosen field
  • It can impress the employer if you have taken the initiative to learn these skills outside of work hours
  • It could help you to network and could lead to other opportunities
  • It will make you feel productive during your job search

There are a number of places you can achieve extra qualifications so take the time to carefully consider what qualification is right for you and get searching!