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Boosting Your Business Profile

17724067_mWhatever industry you are working in, you’ll probably want to further your career and profile. Boosting your career profile should be something you look at regularly as it can make you better known in your field and could lead to job opportunities. So just how do you and your CV template get noticed in your chosen industry?

Be Innovative

Innovation is an easy way to stand out from the crowd. Being creative will help you to raise your profile and could lead to you being included in industry press and the media. It could be that you have implemented a new process in your company or that you have created a unique advertising campaign. These can definitely get you noticed in the industry.

Have a Voice

The internet makes it very easy for you to have a voice in your industry. Using blogging platforms and social media sites, you can post links to professional articles and opinions. Remember, this will act as an online CV so try not to post anything unprofessional.


Networking events are great for raising your industry profile and for meeting people. Take along business cards and get talking!


Offer your opinions on news worthy stories by speaking with local newspapers and radio stations. If there is something very topical related to your industry, you can become a spokesperson. Write down your local media contacts and check the news regularly to maximise on these opportunities.