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Battling Job Interview Nerves

14025687_mIt’s only natural to feel nervous when attending job interviews. You are about to meet someone you have never met before, you want to make an impression and you want the job.

Most job seekers will feel pressure before the interview process has even begun. But it’s crucial to remember that interview nerves are common and they are easy to handle if you know how.

Here are some tips on how to combat job interview nerves:

  • Re-read your CV: Knowing your way around your CV template will make you feel more relaxed because it will prepare you for job related questions. Ensure you don’t make any basic CV mistakes and be confident about what you have written.
  • Prepare: the more preparation you put in, the better. Research the company, visit their premises, research important members of staff, do your homework on the industry…all of this will help when trying to calm your interview nerves.
  • Interviewers are only human: it’s crucial to remember that the people you are interviewing with are only human. Some interviewers even get nervous! You will not be penalised for this so try and relax.
  • Yoga: it’s been suggested that exercise such as Yoga or Pilates can help to relieve stress levels so why not try this a few times a week in the lead up to the interview?
  • Remember why you’re there: remember that you were chosen to attend an interview. This is because the interviewer liked what they saw on paper and wants to find out more. Have confidence – you could be on a very small shortlist so well done for getting this far.
  • Write a cover letter: writing a cover letter is often a good way to alleviate nerves and it will ensure you are focused. Focus on why you are applying for the job, why you want to work there, what you think you could bring to the company, your skills etc This will boost your confidence.