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Assessing Why You Didn’t Get the Job

20557301_m (1)You’ve attended a job interview, answered all of the questions brilliantly and left feeling confident. If you then receive a call informing you that you haven’t got the job, it can be easy to feel confused and disheartened. What went wrong?

Firstly, don’t be too hard on yourself. You can still perform brilliantly during a job interview and not be offered the position – there are lots of factors that might lead to an employer choosing someone else over you. Here are some to consider:


Your CV template is what made the employer interested in seeing you face-to-face. But after meeting you they may feel you don’t have enough experience. This is no reflection on you or your CV. You did well to get to this stage but if the employer feels they need someone with a bit more experience there isn’t much you can do about it. Take the interview as a positive learning curve, try and gain some more experience and next time you might get a better outcome.

Personality Clash

If you have applied for a job working within a small team your personality will be scrutinised during your job interview. Your personal statement on your CV should introduce your personality but a face-to-face interview could involve you meeting with the team, interacting and even doing group activities. If it’s working with a specific team they may even invite you to a workshop interview to see if your personality stands out. If for any reason the employer does not feel like your personality is right for the company then do not panic. You shouldn’t change your personality for anyone and if you did it would be quickly found out. This, unfortunately, is out of your control.


It is crucial that you go into a job interview with the right attitude. You can avoid this as being a reason for not getting a job by leaving a positive impression and ensuring the employer remembers your interview. If you went in with the wrong attitude work on this and improve for the next interview.

Dress Code

If you turn up to an interview dressed inappropriately then there is every chance an employer won’t give you a second chance. Think about your outfit carefully.