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Asking Questions In A Job Interview

12394050_mAs well as creating a CV and writing cover letters, there are a number of other things you should be thinking about when job hunting. If you have used our CV service, applied for a particular job and been selected for interview, you should begin thinking about what questions you want to ask.

During a job interview it’s obvious that you are going to be questioned. But what many candidates don’t prepare for is asking the interviewer some questions. Whether it is finding out more about the role or how the company has progressed over the years, asking questions shows you are keen. It also demonstrates you have done your research.



Generally speaking at a first interview you shouldn’t ask about:

·         Things that can be found on the homepage of their website

·         Salary and package details

Here are some examples of what to ask in the first instance:

The Role

Is this a new position?

Who was in the position before?

What are the main responsibilities?

Who does the role report into?

How many people will I be working with?

What’s the main goal in the position?

What’s the training like in the role?

What are the progression opportunities?

What’s a typical day like in the role?

The Interviewer

Your interviewer is a great resource in finding out more information about the company. You should ask:

When did you start working here?

Why did you move into the company?

What positions have you had within the company?

What’s the best thing about working for the company?

What’s the social aspect of the company like?

What’s the management style like?

The Organisation

When you applied for this position you should have written a professional CV. You also may have used the cover letter templates to structure your application and make it relevant to the job. But when you are editing a CV and cover letter to reflect the appropriate skills, you should always carry out some research on the company. This is essential in helping you ask the right questions. Be prepared to have information on the company history and news. When you’re at interview this research will help you ask questions about the company culture and ethics. You can also ask about future plans for both the role and company.

Sell Yourself

Asking the interviewer questions is a good way of demonstrating your knowledge and desire to work for the company. But remember; don’t overload the employer with questions. Although they will want you to ask questions, remember the point of the interview. You are selling yourself.  Before you leave the interview ensure you ask about the next stage in the interviewing process (if this has not already been made clear to you), when you are likely to hear from them etc. You may also want to send out a thank you note.