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Applying For A Job

10524387_mWhen writing a CV and applying for a job it’s important to not only capture the imagination of the person reading it, but to clearly outline and demonstrate your key skills that make you the right person for the job. It’s crucial to remember this when creating a CV.

We’ve listed below some ideas of what you should include when CV building:

You should:

  • Add skills and achievements – especially if relevant to the role you are applying for
  • Demonstrate how you apply skills and how you can go over and beyond in a job role. For example, an office based job may require you to have some basic PC skills. You should highlight any experience and knowledge you have, including any complex packages and equipment.

You shouldn’t:

  • Be average. Your CV template and cover letter should be interesting! Stand out from the crowd.
  • Don’t just apply to a job outlining your basic skills – elaborate.

Be Creative

When you are writing a CV or a cover letter, always think about the role you are applying for and matching your skills with the company’s needs. Sometimes you might be applying directly to a job advert but other times you may be applying for a job that is different to your skill set or is a new career path. You need to adapt your CV each time. Here are some examples:

Not The Right Skill Set?

  • Outline your current skills
  • Outline your achievements
  • Identify what skills and experience the employer is looking for
  • Adapt your own experience with relevant information. For example, if you are applying to a Customer Service vacancy but have no previous experience; demonstrate how you have worked with customers in other roles and problem solved. Make sure you demonstrate you are adaptable.

Career Change
It can be difficult changing careers and it can be tough to sell yourself to an employer if your qualifications and experience are limited in that area.  In this instance use a CV template and:

  • Demonstrate your related skills
  • Outline how you can help the company
  • Outline what new skills you can bring to the company
  • You could also consider work experience/working a trial period for free in order to boost your CV and experience

Applying Directly To An Advert

  • Express your interest in the job
  • State your experience and qualifications match the job perfectly
  • Identify your experience and previous positions
  • Outline your achievements
  • Outline why you want to join the company
  • Outline what you can bring to the organisation
  • Suggest a meeting and attach your contact details