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Applying For a Job via Your Reference

10524406_mReferences are a crucial part of your CV template. They can add weight to your application and are good contacts to have if you ever need to network in the future. But they may also be a good source of information – you can find out current job vacancies through them and even apply for jobs.

Depending on who your reference is, you should have a good working relationship with them. They will be someone that you interact with regularly and someone that you respect professionally. If a reference informs you of a job role and suggests you apply here a few things to consider when you are writing a cover letter;

  • When writing the cover letter be sure to introduce your reference in the first few lines. Informing the employer that you were given their details by your reference will show you are well networked and, if they have a good relationship with your reference, could improve your chances of a job interview
  • Mention why you were recommended – what skills can you bring to their organisation
  • Highlight what you know about their company and how you can add value
  • Add some key achievements that are relevant to the job
  • Finish the cover letter with a positive comment