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Applying for a Christmas Temp Job

15761433_mLots of companies all over the country have job vacancies during Christmas. It’s the busiest time of year for many businesses so a lot of companies will crank up their hiring activity in time for the festive rush. Here are some ideas of jobs that may be available during Christmas and some tips on applying.

What Jobs Are Available?
The consumer sector is booming at this time of year. Businesses that are consumer facing will usually experience extra business and these are the companies that normally have positions available. Restaurants, hotels, shopping centres, shops and supermarkets are very busy at Christmas so if you’re preparing your CV these are the businesses you should be targeting.


• Research companies in your area that may be hiring. Search online, network with friends and visit companies in-store to find out about all of the latest opportunities. Write a list of organisations hiring and then head online to do some research. Visit the company website before you apply to find out about their core business – it will also help you to personalise your CV and cover letter.

• Use social media. Social media can be a really effective way of networking and finding out about new opportunities. Use social media sites to follow companies you are interested in working for, to follow recruitment agencies specialising in temporary positions and to interact with people working in your industry.

• Write a new CV. As soon as you identify the job you want to apply for you need to rewrite your CV. Adjust your previous work experience to match the job you are applying for, edit your career objective to match the industry you are applying to and ensure the hobbies section of your CV demonstrates your personality. Personalising your CV and work experience to the job should increase your chances of being invited to job interview.

• Prepare a new cover letter. For every job application you send out you should attach a new cover letter. Try to find out the name of the person hiring and personalise your cover letter. Include what job you are applying for, why you want to work for the organisation and what skills you can bring to the job.

• As soon as your CV and cover letter is prepared you should start sending it out to employers. Consider printing off copies and handing them directly to employers too as a lot of businesses hiring over Christmas accept speculative applications.

• Follow up your application. If you haven’t heard back from the employer a week after you applied, follow it up and ask for feedback. This can either prompt them to invite you to a job interview or, if you have been unsuccessful, will help you to gain valuable feedback on your CV which could help with future job applications.