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Read advice on how best to conduct yourself in a job interview.

Answering Interview Questions

17260849_mDuring the interview process there are lots of things to consider. Getting a job doesn’t just depend on using a good CV template or writing cover letters – answering questions well at the interview stage is just as, if not more important.

Depending on the job you go for, questions can vary. Generally speaking employers will touch on the following areas:

  • Qualifications and education
  • Work experience and previous positions
  • Technical questions about the job
  • Personal life

It’s important to prepare for these types of questions when you’re building your CV as often questions will come from information you have written on your CV or cover letter. Here are some tips to help you prepare for questioning at interview:

  •  When you’re asked a specific question, don’t let your brain wonder! Get to the point and don’t add too much info unless it’s asked for.
  • If it’s a problem solving question, ensure you answer every aspect i.e. most problem solving questions will require a start, middle and an end so don’t leave anything out.
  • Don’t use too much technical jargon – it’s good to use some to show your understanding of the job role but don’t over complicate things!
  • If you’re not sure about a question don’t fake it, especially technical questions. You’re more likely to build a better rapport with the interviewer by admitting you’re unsure. Don’t be dishonest. Just ask for clarification.
  • Don’t be afraid to pause. So many candidates are afraid of silence in interview that they often rush into an answer without thinking. Don’t be afraid to think about the answer before you give it.
  • Be original. If the interviewer asks you a technical question or gives you a scenario and asks how you would deal with the problem, think outside the box. This will make you stand out from the rest.
  • If you’re asked about your interests outside of work – describe your personality. All interviewers like a taste of what you are like in a social environment and this is your chance to sell yourself!

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