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After a Job Interview – Follow-Up Letters

21868778_mWe’ve already discussed how making an after interview follow-up call can increase your chances of employment. But you can also write a follow-up letter – often these will be read by your interviewer and they will automatically see your dedication and commitment. It will also demonstrate your eagerness for the role.

When to Send The Letter

There are a number of different stages. You could send the letter after you have sent your professional CV to a recruiter. You could send it after you have had a telephone interview or after a face-to-face interview. It’s completely up to you!

After You Have Sent Your CV

So, the employer has your CV and accompanying cover letter on their desk. It has been several weeks since you have heard anything. Don’t assume you’re out of the running – you need to stand out from the crowd. Why not send a follow-up letter, reinstating your interest in the job and asking for feedback. This will prompt the recruiter to look at your CV again and, if they haven’t already decided, perhaps invite you to interview. If they have already made their decision then this letter may still prompt them to send you some constructive feedback that you can work on for future applications.

After The Interview

There is no point waiting weeks and weeks after you have been for a job interview. You need to send this letter the day after your interview. Back up your CV, highlight your key skills and thank the employer for their time. If there is anything you missed out in the interview why not add it in the follow-up letter?

Other Follow-Up Letters

There may be occasions where you write several follow-up letters to one employer. They may not have a job advertised but you may really want to work for them. In this case sending a letter is fine – as long as you keep it short and don’t do it too frequently. One every three months should suffice. Just remember – check grammar and don’t be too pushy. You never know, if they see your name and a job comes up, you may be the first person they call! With all follow-up letters, stay positive, courteous and be persistent.