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Accepting A Job Offer

21384490_mFollowing a job interview many employers will take their time to assess your application and interview, but some will offer you the position on the spot. It is crucial you handle this job offer effectively. After all, you could look very unprofessional if you immediately accept the job and days later decide it’s not right for you.

A good interviewee will be polite – a great interviewee will be polite and ask questions! Generally speaking (unless you were very impressed by the organisation and it is your dream job) you should ask for time to consider the offer. This will not affect your relationship with the employer – it will actually increase their respect and trust in you as a potential member of staff.

There are many reasons why you should think carefully before accepting a job offer:

  • Have you got any other interviews in the pipeline? If so, don’t you want to wait and see their outcome?
  • Have you sent your CV to any companies that you are particularly interested in? If so it may be worth contacting them to find out the progress of your application before accepting any alternative job offer.
  • Before taking a job you really need to read the contract and the finer details of the job to ensure you’re going to be happy working in the new organisation..
  • If you are looking for longevity from this role you should do as much research about the company as possible. For example check out the promotion prospects, contemplate the working environment and company culture before accepting a job.

Remember, an employer will not penalise you for wanting time to consider the offer. Do not worry that they will pass the job offer over to someone else. If you got offered the job on the spot the chances are the employer is very, very impressed. Give yourself enough time to fully consider the role to ensure you have a long and healthy career with the company the prospective employer will understand this approach and accommodate you accordingly.