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Accepting a Job Offer after a Job Interview

17860210_mIf you have attended a job interview and you find out a few days later that you have got the job it can be a great feeling. But before you jump in feet-first you should assess the offer carefully and send back an appropriate response.

Usually after a job interview (if you have been successful) you will receive a call from the interviewer congratulating you on the interview. Sometimes they will start by giving you feedback on your CV and cover letter writing skills. They will then usually offer you the position verbally and inform you that a job offer and contract will be sent through the post.

When you receive the offer here’s a few things to consider:

  • Take your time to assess the offer and whether it’s right for you. Look through your CV template and ensure that this job will really enhance it and that it will help your career progression.
  • Assess whether the organisation is definitely somewhere you can see yourself growing. Try and recall the atmosphere and the people that you encountered during the job interview – can you imagine yourself working there?
  • Salary is very important. While it isn’t everything you need to ensure the salary is enough for you to live on, so doing your maths before accepting is a good idea.
  • Work out your daily routine including commute. Because of the current climate many people accept job offers before they have really worked out the logistics. Ensure the travelling won’t cost too much and won’t disrupt your life and look at the working hours to ensure they fit in with your lifestyle and commitments.

Accepting the Offer

After you have considered the above and decided you would like to accept the offer there a number of ways you can do this. Initially it is a good idea to phone them directly and verbally accept the offer. You should follow this up with a written letter of acceptance or an email. Sometimes employers set conditions i.e. a time limit, so just check you’re within this. File your contract and any written correspondence and inform any recruitment agencies that you have found employment. Then get ready to start work!