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A Guide to Handling Telephone Job Interviews

11507956_mAfter you have prepared a professional CV and written an accompanying cover letter, you are ready to start the job application process. Once you have successfully sent your job application through to a prospective employer  you could be called to an interview.
In many cases companies like to conduct first interviews via the telephone before they invite you in. Many jobseekers find this stage difficult. Traditionally, it’s very different from a face to face interview.

You can’t glean any information from the interviewers body language and you can’t impress with the way you dress and (let’s face it) it’s always good to put a face to a name. But as many companies conduct telephone interviews initially, it is important you spend as much time preparing for them as you do preparing to write your CV.

When preparing for a telephone interview you should:

    • Take a good look at your CV and cover letter. Study these in depth as it is likely the interviewer will have these in front of them and will refer back to them regularly.
    • Find somewhere quiet – do not have a telephone interview on your mobile phone. If signal cuts out during an important question it can make you appear unprofessional.
    • Memorise or have to had the job title and description of the position. It is important you have this information as the interviewer is likely to quiz you on why you are interested in the role and ask you why you feel you’re the right person to fill it.
    • Have a notepad at the ready – you may need to write down extra details about the job specification and responsibilities.
    • Be polite. This is your first impression and first impressions count!
    • End the interview by saying thank you and ensure you find out what the next step in the recruitment process is.