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Young Apprentice Skills

23252093_mThe new series of Young Apprentice is currently airing on BBC one and sees candidates battling it out to win a £25,000 business investment from Lord Alan Sugar. As well as being very entertaining to watch, the remaining candidates are also demonstrating some must-have skills when it comes to career progression and finding a job.


All of the remaining candidates, although specialists in different areas, share the same determination to succeed. The candidates have to compete in weekly tasks set by Lord Sugar and ultimately one candidate will win the £25,000 investment to start up their own business. There’s no doubt that determination is a key skill needed to win Young Apprentice, and it’s also an essential skill if you want to progress your career. If you are looking to gain recognition from your manager, it could take a while so determination and patience are vital.


Most of the tasks on Young Apprentice require imagination. Last week’s episode saw the two teams work together to create an advertising campaign and hair product brand. Imagination was needed throughout as the candidates had to think of a brand name, packaging and television advert. Creativity and imagination are two traits that most employers want to see too. With many companies competing for business, organisations want to know that the staff they are hiring can help them to be innovative and to push the company forward.


Every week Lord Sugar interviews three candidates in the board room and one is sent home. Each candidate has to battle for their place and that can mean criticising the competition and their colleagues. Competitiveness in the work place can help you to work towards job promotion and can help you to develop your skills.

Speaking Out

Often the candidates who shy away from tasks or don’t speak up during work meetings are sent home by Lord Sugar. Similarly, employers want to see staff that are not afraid to share ideas and to lead – so speaking out and having a voice in the company is essential.

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