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Working in a Ski Resort

22360746_mOne of the most popular seasonal jobs is working in a ski resort. There are a variety of jobs to do – from being a Chalet Host to becoming a Ski Instructor. So what does it take to work on the slopes? And is it as glamorous as it seems?

Last week the Jobulo team visited Andorra for a week of hitting the slopes! Whilst skiing and snowboarding the team also looked into career opportunities and ski resort jobs. So if you are thinking of working in a ski resort but don’t know what skills you may need or what to include when writing a CV, check out these tips below.

Why Work a Ski Season?

There are a number of reasons why people like to work during a ski season. Lack of job opportunities at home, a desire to travel, a passion for extreme sports or career uncertainty are just a few of the reasons why working a ski season could help to boost your CV and job confidence.

Although working a ski season sounds glamorous (you’re probably thinking you’ll get to ski all day and enjoy the après ski at night) it does involve a lot of hard work and it certainly isn’t a holiday. Working in a ski resort often requires early mornings and late finishes, dedication to the job and determination to succeed. After all, you’ll be working in freezing conditions and having to trek up mountains!

What Jobs Are Available in a Ski Resort?

Chalet Hosts: There are usually many chalet host jobs in ski resorts. Many people going on holiday will hire out a chalet for the week and it’s the Chalet Host’s job to keep the chalet running smoothly. Tasks could include cleaning, cooking, making beds, shopping and driving. Usually these jobs do come with some great perks including a lift pass and food and drink discount.

Chef: Many hotels and restaurants require chefs to work during peak season so if you are a trained chef or spent time working in your local pub this could be an ideal job.

Ski Instructor: If you want to make a long term career out of skiing you could always consider becoming an instructor. Training courses run throughout the year and once qualified you can work in resorts abroad and also in ski centres across the UK. Be warned – there is a lot of competition especially from local ski experts so it can be difficult to secure work.

Career Tips

If you are considering applying to work in a ski resort ensure you do your homework. There are so many resorts to choose from so you should weigh up the pros and cons including distance from home and cost of living. You should also try to network with people in the industry and people that have worked a ski season before to get an insight into the industry. When applying for jobs you also need to consider long term goals. Is working a ski season something you want to do every year? Or is it just a stop gap? Consider all of this before sending out your CV.