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Top Five Christmas Presents for Your Boss

23215270_mThe Christmas period is here and soon you’ll be hanging up your business suit, turning off your PC and taking a well deserved yuletide break. But before you leave the office, you may have to par-take in Secret Santa. Most companies use Secret Santa as a chance to get to know members of staff, as a team building exercise and for a bit of fun before Christmas. But it can become tricky if you are the one having to buy a present for your boss! You need to buy a present that is fun but not offensive! Here are five presents that should help you to keep the professional/fun balance.

1) Pen
CV writing, writing lists, taking meeting minutes and writing reports…whatever the occasion, a pen is always a handy accessory to have around the office! Your boss is probably always on the move and won’t always have access to their computer. A pen is a thoughtful present and you can go to a variety of high street stores that stock fashionable stationery.

2) Diary
Managers are always busy! Whether it’s organising the next staff social, organising training or scheduling in appointments with clients – most managers rely on a calendar or diary to keep their busy life organised. Desk calendars are always a good purchase as although your boss may use an online diary, desk calendars are quick and easy to access. If you know they like a particular programme or band, consider finding a calendar to match!

3) Books
Throughout your time at work you should have had a conversation with your boss about their hobbies and interests. Whether you have overheard them talking in the canteen or they have mentioned their interests on a staff social outing, try and target appropriate books. This will demonstrate that you are perceptive.

4) A Mug
Everyone (almost) in the office likes a cup of tea or coffee, including your boss! Giving a mug at Christmas is a safe bet as your boss can store it on their desk or even take it home. For extra impact you should try to find a mug with their name on it or a quote that may mean something to them – from a television programme or film for example.

5) Chocolates
Confectionary is stocked up in the office all year round. Everyone appreciates chocolates and sweets during the festive period too. This is also a great present to give if you don’t know your boss very well or you are afraid of offending them with other gifts. If you are really unsure about your boss and their personality, then consider buying some luxury chocolates as these are usually appreciated all year round.

After you have chosen a present, ensure you wrap it in good wrapping paper. Most secret santa presents are wrapped quickly and thrown into a santa sack. If you wrap yours in something a bit special, it should stick out and gain you extra points!