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Tips on How to Become a Freelancer

12721227_mThere are many professions that allow you to give up full-time employment and become freelance. But it’s difficult to get into so check out these tips if you’re thinking of becoming a Freelancer.

What Is Freelancing?

You can become a Freelancer in a variety of industries. Journalism, Photography, Designing and Web Design are just a few examples of industries that have Freelancers. Freelancers don’t work for one particular company – they usually set up their own company, promote their services and work for a variety of organisations on a freelance basis. This often means that there is no long-term employment contract and it makes work a lot more flexible. Employers will usually give a Freelancer a project to work on including a time scale. The Freelancer will complete this work either from home or the company’s offices and once completed will ask for payment. It’s then on to the next project – whether it’s for the same company or someone different!

Tips on Becoming a Freelancer:

• Know your industry. This is vital if you want to become a Freelancer. Freelance work is very competitive and to stand out from your competition you need to know your industry and become an expert in the field. To win a freelance project you may have to pitch against other candidates and usually the most experienced and knowledgeable candidate gets the job. Spend time working in your chosen industry, work for well known names and get some experience on your CV before you consider moving to freelance.

• Build a career portfolio. Employers often want to see examples of previous work and your successes and one of the easiest ways to show this is by creating a career portfolio. Take snapshots of previous work and projects including images and statistics and file them in a portfolio. Use this during job interviews to help your application stand out.

• Get contacts. Networking is vital if you want to work freelance. Freelance work isn’t just handed to you – you need to know the companies that are hiring and you need to know when a vacancy becomes available. Networking within your industry is crucial if you want to stay updated with possible work opportunities. It can also help you if you start to look for permanent jobs again.

• Be patient. Freelance work can take a while to get off the ground so you need to be passionate about your job and your experience.

Before you think of going freelance ensure you do your homework on your industry and assess the job market!