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Three Ways to Show You Want the Job

10171753_mIf you are about to attend an interview or have just had a job interview and are waiting to hear back from the employer, you may want to reaffirm your interest in the position. So how do you demonstrate you’re interested in the position? We’ve listed below three ways you can tell an employer that you want the job and it could help you to gain employment!


Research and preparation before any job interview is vital. Not only will it help you to build confidence in the interview, but researching the role and key responsibilities will demonstrate to the employer that you are interested in the job. If an employer interviews you and can see that you know their company, you know the main responsibilities of the job role and that you are asking questions about the job, then they will know you have done your research and are therefore interested in the job.

Follow Up

After a job interview you should follow up by either emailing the employer or you may want to send them a follow up letter. This should be sent a week after the interview and you can use the follow up to thank the employer for the interview and to reiterate your interest in the role.

Say It

One sure way of ensuring the employer knows you want the job is to tell them! Whether that means writing a follow up letter, telling them you would accept the job during your job interview or calling them a few days after to find out the next stage. Either way, this will ensure the employer knows exactly how you feel and could help them to come to a decision.