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Three Tips to Help You Win Your Dream Job

10498589_mMost people have a dream job. It could be working on a desert island, becoming an Author or just working in a role where you feel appreciated and valued. Whatever your idea is of a dream job we’ve listed below three tips that will hopefully help you secure it!

• Gain work experience. This is the first step in securing your dream job. If you are really serious about securing a job in a specific industry then you need to gain work experience in the sector. As well as qualifications, employers want to see that you have past experience and achievements that are applicable to their company. If you can’t gain a paid junior position, then consider working in an unpaid role. Internships and volunteering can provide valuable CV advice. Work experience can help you construct a well written CV, can lead to good industry contacts and it can also help you decide if it’s the right career move.

• Perfect your CV. Looking at CV samples, asking for CV advice and tailoring your CV to the job are all things you can do to step closer to your dream job. By creating a bespoke CV and tailoring it to the job, you are more likely to impress the employer. Matching your key skills and achievements with their organisation will help to give them an insight into the impact you could have on the company. Because of the aggressive job market, most employers will see thousands of CVs every month. So the first step in securing your dream job is to make your CV different to make it stand out. As well as concentrating on the content, choose a unique layout and colour scheme to grab the recruiters’ attention.

• Don’t be afraid of failure. This is extremely important when looking for your dream job. Many people don’t apply for their ‘perfect role’ because they are afraid of failure and disappointment. Sometimes it is much easier to aim for lower expectations because if you don’t get the job, you don’t feel as let down. However this attitude will leave you feeling unmotivated and unsatisfied in the work place. Take a risk by applying for your ideal role and aim high.