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The Pros and Cons of Freelance Work

19534177_mFreelance work can be very rewarding. It can be flexible and can lead to career progression. But it’s not for everyone – check out the pros and cons to help you decide whether working freelance is for you.


• Flexibility. Working freelance can afford you much more flexibility than an office job. Depending on your role you could be working from home and often freelance work only requires an internet connection!

• Variety. If you are working as a freelance you should be able to work on a variety of different projects. Some freelance workers find themselves completing projects for a host of different companies. Not only does this keep your job interesting, but it adds more content to your CV template and can help to develop your skills.

• Independence. In an office you will be working under a manager and reporting to deadlines. Although this is true to some extent with freelance, the flexibility of the job allows for more independence. You can manage your own time and work projects and work to your own schedule which can be very rewarding.

• Freedom. If you are working with a manager you can feel micro-managed but freelance work allows for a lot more freedom when it comes to completing tasks.


• Isolating. If you are working freelance you will usually be working alone. Although you interact with other members of staff, you won’t usually be working in an office every day. This can be quite isolating.

• Lack of structure. Working for a company in-house can usually lead to career progression. There is usually a clear progression path for you to follow – however freelance can be a bit more unpredictable.

• More admin. Keeping your receipts and invoices is all part of being freelance so there is more responsibility when it comes to the administration side of the job.

• Uncertainty. It depends what freelance job you are doing but jobs can be quite uncertain. Unless you are on a contract, your freelance work could end at any time.

Working freelance has ups and downs but, ultimately, it depends on the individual. Laura Hills, a Freelance Journalist, comments: “I never really imagined myself becoming a Freelancer because I was always worried about the unpredictably of the role. But since going freelance, those worries have disappeared. Although it can become isolating having to work from home, there are always options like working in coffee shops or working with other Freelancers. As part of my role I do freelance shifts within offices and that’s great because you are never working with the same people. The social aspect of the job means you never get bored and no two days are the same.”