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Hungarian Grand Prix 2012 – Dream Jobs at Formula 1

hungaryBecoming a Formula 1 driver is a dream job for thousands of people across the country. Celebrity status and being involved in the most elite motorsport in the world are just a few of the perks. And it really is as elite as it seems – the Jobulo team were lucky enough to be at the circuit in Budapest this weekend!

And what an experience it was. Thousands of spectators visited the track this weekend to celebrate some of the biggest names in the industry and to watch the Grand Prix. Some drivers we spotted included the winner of the Hungarian Grand Prix 2012 Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, Damon Hill and Michael Schumacher.

Throughout the weekend the F1 teams worked around the clock to prepare their cars and their drivers and during the event you get to see just how hard they work. Each team works together perfectly, with such precision, and there is a real team spirit around the track on race day.

F1 drivers are renowned for their dedication and speed but this is also true for the rest of the team including those working in the pit-stop. One bad pit-stop or slight delay can cost the team valuable seconds and a prominent place on the finishing line.

It got us thinking as to what kind of skills someone would need to succeed in an industry like this and what kind of skills they would need to have on their CV template. As well as valuable contacts and extensive work experience here’s a couple of traits we think a candidate would need to work in the luxurious world of F1 racing;

• Dedication to the job
• Excellent organisational skills
• Good at rapport building
• Team player
• Good attention to detail
• Initiative
• Be able to meet tight deadlines
• Ambitious

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