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How to Stand Out During an Internship

first day at workInternships can be great for your career progression. Although you may be running errands and on minimal pay, internships are a great stepping stone into a variety of industries and can help you to get noticed. So how do you ensure the boss takes notice of you during your internship?

Be Punctual

Being punctual and turning up to your internship on time can really add credibility to you as a candidate. All employers want to know that their employees are trustworthy and reliable and being punctual is one way of showing this. If you are able to, try and turn up slightly early to your internship every day as this demonstrates to the employer that you are dedicated to the industry and not afraid of hard work.

Take on Extra Work

Does your line manager want a cup of tea? Does your colleague have some errands to run which they can’t because of their work load? Whatever it is – ensure you ask your colleagues around you if there is anything you can do to help. Asking for extra work will show the team that you want to fit in and that you want to progress there. Although it may be frustrating making everyone’s lunch, you need to remember that everyone in the office started at an entry position and it takes time to progress.

Don’t Be Shy

If you are shy, shrink into the background and only take on work when it is given to you, you are unlikely to make a lasting impression with the employer. But they’ll remember you if you speak up during meetings, voice opinions, ask for extra work and socialise.

Be Creative

Don’t be afraid to share creative ideas or ways you think the company can improve. There is no right or wrong suggestion here – so don’t be afraid of sounding silly. Think the company needs a new water machine? Think the team need to have daily meetings because their communication could be better? Make suggestions to show the employer that you want the company to move forward.

Be True To Your CV

When you send in your CV template to the employer, they would have hired you on its content and your key skills. Throughout your internship ensure you stay true to your CV and apply your skills and achievements to the job.

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