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How to Manage Your Time at Work

wholesale watchesTime management skills at work are essential if you want to get your work done quickly and efficiently. Here are a few tips to help you manage your time more effectively.

Have a Plan

Just like when you are job hunting and sending out CV templates, you need a plan of action at work. Without a plan it can be very difficult to have direction. If you don’t have a plan every day at work you may find yourself veering off to complete tasks that are less vital and it could leave you rushing to finish work to approaching deadlines. Try writing a weekly ‘to do’ list giving yourself specific time frames to complete specific work. For example, plan to clear emails from 9-10am, do admin work until lunchtime and then work on more creative projects in the afternoon. Obviously it’s up to you how you manage and structure your time but having a plan to stick to every day and ticking off tasks as you work may help you to stay focused.

Prepare for Meetings

If you have lots of meetings at work you may find yourself getting behind on your tasks which could result in you having to work beyond your daily hours. So if you do have meetings ensure you prepare by having an agenda, taking notes and organising.

Regular Breaks

Although taking breaks may sound detrimental to your time management it is essential to help you remain focused. Regular breaks allow for socialising with colleagues and will give you a rest from work which can actually help to improve concentration!