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How to Look for Jobs on Holiday

jobThe weather has been scorching in the UK but its set to change this weekend – right on time for the Bank Holiday!

That’s probably the reason why 1.8 million Brits are packing their bags this weekend and heading on a sun holiday. But if you’re currently looking for your dream job, can you do it on holiday?

If you are one of the millions of people heading out of the country this weekend, we’ve compiled some job search tips to help you maximise your job interview chances! Check them out below;

• Take your CV away with you and edit it while you are laying in the sun. Take a marker pen and go through your work history making any amendments by hand. You can then update this when you are back at your desk.

• If you have any job applications to fill out take them with you to complete when you are on the sun lounger.

• Browse your smart phone. Most browsing of the net abroad will incur large roaming fees so you might want to keep this to a minimum. But it’s worth checking in every few days to check your emails for any job replies and to browse any new vacancies.

• You can still network while you’re away. Listen out for any work related topics and try and join in the conversation!

• Practice your job interview techniques by the pool! If you have a job interview coming up, sip a cocktail and practice your job interview questions with a friend.

• Relax. One of the most important parts of a job search is to relax. If you spend all day searching for jobs or worrying about your next career move, it can lead to stress. So ensure you spend your holiday relaxing so you’re motivated to continue the job search when you get home!