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How to Improve Your Cover Letter Writing This Christmas

10575807_mThe festive period is fast approaching and with many companies ramping up their hiring activity to meet the increase in customer demand, there will be more jobs to apply for.  A good cover letter can help you win a job interview so check out the tips below to improve yours this yuletide.

Personalise It

Writing a cover letter is only really effective if you personalise it to the employer and the company. You need to not only address it to the interviewer, but you should try and personalise it to the job role. Read through the job description and decipher what the company is looking for. What experience do they want? How can you fit the responsibilities and excel in the role? Unlike your CV template, your cover letter gives you room to expand on your experience and skills and relate them to the position. You should do this in your cover letter as it will help the employer to visualise what you would be like in the role.

Be Different

To stand out from the crowd you need to make your cover letter different from the rest. Instead of telling the employer that you are dedicated and good at working in a team, briefly give them an example of how you have applied this on the job. Giving the employer something tangible will help them to see what impact you could have on their organisation.


Layout is really important. Employers receive lots of CVs every week so making yours look a bit different could mean they read it first! Use CV samples and cover letter samples to get an idea of layout and design. You don’t have to do anything too drastic but images and using a template could make your application stand out.