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How to Commute to Work in Bad Weather

20563113_lBad weather has hit many parts of the UK and this can make it very difficult for your commute to work. Trains are often delayed, traffic is much slower and busier and other public transport routes can be disrupted. If you are late to work because of bad weather then your employer should be understanding, however if you keep being late it could start to aggravate your boss and if you want a job promotion it could hinder your chances of progression. Here are some tips to help you beat the bad weather and arrive to work on time.


Planning your route is essential especially if the weather is bad. Your usual route to work could be disrupted and so it’s important to make alternative plans. Check well ahead to find out any travel issues. If you travel by train ensure you look into the train times and the relevant website to find out how regularly they are running. If you travel by car then ensure you check your oil and windscreen washers and leave in plenty of time to clear ice off of your car.

Liaising with Colleagues

Liaise with your colleagues if you are concerned about getting to work as they may be in the same situation. If they aren’t then they may able to offer you transport and if not, then they may be able to talk to your boss.

Offer to Work From Home

If your work allows you to work from home then it could be an idea to suggest this to your manager. Asking to work from home will help you to keep up with your work load and will demonstrate you are dedicated to your job.

Work Extra Hours

If you are constantly late due to bad weather then ensure you make up the time by working extra hours. Your boss will notice this and not only will it help you to catch up with work but it will ensure you remain on track with your career progression plan.

Call Your Manager

Your manager will be aware of the bad weather but ensure you call them to let them know you may be late.