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How to Combat Stress at Work

11507956_mA recent study by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills has revealed that workers across the UK are more stressed than ever. Results show that 60% of employees feel they work under tight deadlines for the majority of the day and one in four are afraid of becoming unemployed and losing their job.

It’s thought the introduction of more technology in the workplace could be a contributing factor to stress levels, with many employees receiving work emails during out of office hours on their smart phones. So what can you do to feel less stressed at work? Check out these stress-busting tips below.

Time Management

One of the best ways to combat stress at work is practicing good time management. Arranging your work tasks, managing your time and prioritising your work load can help you to feel more organised and less stressed. Write a to-do list at the start of your working week, keeping tasks with high priority at the top of the list. Then structure your day – plan your tasks for the first few hours of the morning. Plan secondary tasks for after lunch and then finish the day with any admin responsibilities. Having a clear plan in place will help you to keep focus and ticking off the to-do list will help you to keep motivated. It will also enable you to see exactly what work you have completed and you can keep a check on the status of some tasks and increase your work rate if necessary.


Socialising with work colleagues and attending networking events can be an effective way to keep your stress levels down. Talking with work colleagues, taking regular lunch breaks, attending staff social events and going to industry networking events can help you to break away from the stress of 9-5 and can help you to assess your work goals.

Arrange Meetings

If you are concerned about your work or job then you should try to arrange regular meetings with your manager. Voicing any concerns to them will help you to create a clear career path and regular meetings will also help you to check that you are on target. It is also gives you the opportunity to check with your manager as to whether there’s anything you should be doing more of.

Take Time Out

Working too hard on a project or spending countless late nights in the office can lead to stress and tiredness. It is crucial that you take regular breaks and spend time away from your desk to keep your motivation and concentration levels high.

Offer Help

If you feel you are handling your work load well, you should let your manager know that you are willing to take on extra work and help out with extra projects. Offering this help will demonstrate to the employer that you are keen to progress in the organisation and that you are efficient in the workplace. This should help when it comes to feeling secure at work.