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Five Problems at Work and How to Handle Them

23048257_mCheck out these five typical work problems and some ways you can handle them:

You Are Being Overloaded with Work

Sometimes your manager may not recognise how much work you have and may continue to give you new projects and assignments to work on. If you are being overloaded at work it could lead to you feeling stressed, missing deadlines and working out-of-hours to finish your work which may make you feel negative about your position.

Solution: If you feel you are being overloaded with work you should speak to your manager about your work load and prioritise projects. Explain how much pressure you are under and ask for advice on what tasks need to be completed first.

You Don’t Like Your Boss

Unfortunately you can’t control who you work with and you can’t control who you get on with in the workplace. You may find yourself in a position where you don’t get on with people because of differing personality and views. It could be that you don’t like your boss, which can make everyday work awkward.

Solution: Keep your personalities separate and try to remain professional at all times. Ensure you work with them efficiently in the workplace and avoid social events if you think it could affect your job.

You Are Not Being Recognised for Your Work

Every so often you may find your work going unnoticed. Whether it’s a big project you are working on or a small task you completed efficiently, not being recognised for your work can lead to resentment.

Solution: Ensure you are vocal about what you do. Copy in key members of staff when completing a project and emailing about it, note it down to talk about in your staff meetings and keep your manager informed of projects you are working on.

You Haven’t Received a Promotion

You could be feeling unmotivated at work if you have been there for a long time and haven’t received a promotion or salary increase. This could be making you feel undervalued at work.

Solution: Don’t bottle your feelings up – ensure you raise any issues during annual appraisals. Ask your manager what more you can be doing to work towards a promotion and take on extra work to prove you want longevity in the company.

You Feel Bored

If you haven’t got enough work, have repetitive projects to complete and don’t feel challenged in your job you could find yourself feeling bored.

Solution: Ask for extra work, take on extra out-of-work activities to keep you motivated and ask your manager for more responsibility.

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