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Career Tips: How to Stay Motivated at Work During the Euro 2012

19552645_mJob motivation is vital throughout the year but it can become very difficult during big summer events. The Euro 2012 tournament kicks off tomorrow in Poland and football fans across the UK will be spending the next month glued to their television screens. But during times like this job motivation can be low and you may find yourself feeling distracted at work. We’ve listed some tips to help you stay motivated and successful at work.

Plan Your Work Atmosphere

It’s crucial that you interact with colleagues who share the same interests as you during events like this. So why not find out who will be watching the tournament and plan lunch time meetings. This way you can all interact and you won’t feel alone.

Be Efficient

A variety of companies offer staff incentives during times like this. For instance, going home early targets. Ensure you continue to complete your work efficiently and you may find yourself earning some perks.

Get Rest

During the Euro 2012 there will be lots of opportunities to stay up late but ensure you don’t let this interfere with work or your career progression. Consider earlier starts to catch up with the tournament to avoid being tired at work. If you are tired at work you’ll find your concentration and motivation decreases.

Book Holiday in Advance

Most employers will allow limited holiday during times like this so it’s vital you get your request in early. If you haven’t done this, consider preparing your holiday for the next big event.

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