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A Guide To Working From Home

20044435_mThere are a variety of job roles you can work in and most will involve working from an office. But occasionally you may have the opportunity to work from home. Although working from home can be very beneficial there are a few things you should consider before accepting a job.

Just like freelancing, working from home can be very flexible. It allows you to work flexible hours, work from the comfort of your own home and work weekends if you wish. However, home working isn’t for everyone. If you come across a vacancy like this and send off your CV template there are a few things you need to consider:

  • Working from home can be lonely
  • It can be difficult to separate work from home life
  • You often need extra motivation as you can get easily distracted
  • It’s more difficult to network and make friends

If you are fine with the above then applying for a home job could be a really good move – especially if you have responsibilities that are made more difficult by working in an office. If you send in your CV, attend a job interview and do accept the position here are some tips to put into action;

  • Be strict – give yourself normal working hours just like you would in an office.
  • Ensure you don’t lay-in and get lazy – although you’re not stepping out of your door, you’re still going to work!
  • Remain (obviously) professional at all times.
  • Dress as if you were going to the office. If you’re working from home it can be easy to sit in your pyjamas all day and work on your laptop. It’s important you make that transition from home to work and get ready for your working day.
  • Ensure you take screen breaks. Although sitting at home working on a laptop might not feel like an office job, you are using the same equipment. Be sure to give your eyes a rest.
  • Take a lunch break (but don’t take advantage by taking the afternoon off!).
  • Speak to people. Whether it’s giving a friend a call on lunch or meeting someone for your lunch break, ensure you get a bit of interaction.
  • Change your environment. Depending on the job role you should be able to work anywhere with an internet connection so why not change location and work in different places like a coffee shop?
  • Speak to your boss. It is vital that you keep in contact with your boss about your work load and to discuss any queries. In an office they would normally be in-front of you all day and it’s important you keep a similar relationship, even if it’s over the phone or by email.

Working from home is exactly like any other job. You should remain professional, create some fantastic work that you can use in a career portfolio and keep a strong relationship with your employer for future references. It’s also vital to keep your CV up to date with all of your responsibilities.