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What is the Best Job in the World?

the-best-job-in-the-worldPicture it; you’re laid on a desert island, sipping a cocktail and reflecting on your afternoon of jet skiing. You desperately jot down some notes before heading off to snorkel with some sharks – oh, and did we mention you’re getting paid to do all of this?

Sounds like an ideal job doesn’t it? And for Ben Southall it was. In 2009 he applied for ‘the best job in the world’ – as a Caretaker of a tropical island. He beat 34,000 candidates to the job, which involved travelling and exploring the Great Barrier Reef and keeping a blog about his experiences.

The job, although real, was a clever PR campaign by Tourism Queensland to promote the Great Barrier Reef as a tourist destination. And it worked – the vacancy website crashed after just two days due to the number of applications.

But is this job really the best in the world? What if you are afraid of extreme sports, hate beaches and are allergic to the sun? Surely this role would be a nightmare. Although this is highly unlikely, the point we’re trying to make is that dream jobs are hard to come by – some people spend their entire lives sending out their CV in search of the perfect role.

But surely there is no ‘universal perfect job’ vacancy. After all, everyone is different and every candidate looks for different qualities at work. Some candidates thrive in a sales environment whereas others are more practical and like working outside.

A job running a tropical island (with a salary of $150,000) is rare but an enjoyable job isn’t. Most candidates require a good work/life balance, competitive salary, social aspect and good career prospects to enjoy their job. So, although aiming for the top of your career ladder is great, as long as you can find these qualities and don’t spend your life hating the prospect of going to work, you’ve already struck gold. Wouldn’t you agree?

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