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Tips to Writing a Graduate Job Application

14809197_mIt’s that time of year again. New university students are currently settling into Freshers’ Week and others are leaving their lives as students to start full-time employment. If you are one of the many graduates looking for a job, check out our tips below to help you beat the competition.

Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter is vital if you want to get noticed by an employer. A cover letter enables you to list down your personal attributes that make you the right person for the role and it gives you the opportunity to personalise your application. Spend time writing a personalised cover letter for every job you apply for and you should see the benefits.

CV Template

Your CV is going to be up against thousands of others so it’s crucial that you make it stand out. Look at CV samples and establish a CV template that is unique to you. A CV that both looks good and reads well will stand out from the crowd and could help you win that all important job interview.


During your time at university you would have met teachers and lecturers that have worked in your chosen industry. They have experience and they have knowledge so ensure you use it! Take their contact details and ask them about any opportunities they may know of – lecturers are usually very helpful!

Keep at It

You have spent years obtaining your degree, so you should get a job overnight right? Wrong. The world of employment is competitive and you will probably face rejection. The crucial thing is to keep at it, send your CV out to any opportunities you think are suitable and ensure you don’t give up.