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How to Make Your CV Short

21828782_mWhen you are writing a CV the main thing you need to think about is length. With hundreds of CVs to compete against, you need to ensure that yours is short and snappy. Here are some ideas to help you make your CV short but effective;

Assess Content

First and foremost when writing a CV you need to constantly assess the content to ensure it is both relevant and valuable. There is no point wasting lines on content that doesn’t need to be there. You can talk about extra content at the interview – but the content you include on a CV has to be 100% crucial to the CV and make it interesting enough to get you to a job interview. Assess each section as you write it and try to put yourself in the employer’s shoes – will they want to know about what you are writing? Will it influence their decision? If it doesn’t make an impact…delete it.

Avoid Repetition

To save space you should constantly check your content to ensure it’s not repetitive. Sometimes you may repeat what you write, especially if it’s a project or an achievement you are proud of. But only mention it once – you’ll have plenty of time to elaborate on this if you get to a job interview.

Space Save

If you are writing your CV in a large font size, consider downsizing to make it shorter. Obviously don’t chose a font that is illegible, but try and space save as much as you can.

Be Concise

It is crucial that you are concise on your CV. An employer wants to get straight to the good stuff with hardly any effort. Therefore ensure you list all of the best content at the top. That way, if you do need to cut out anything, the most important content will remain!

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