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How Learning a New Language Can Help Your Career

22829758_mLearning a new language and listing language skills when writing a CV can be very beneficial when it comes to applying for jobs.

Many employers find language skills desirable and having multilingual or bilingual skills could lead to career development and new opportunities. Here is how;

  • Learning a language shows you are determined and dedicated. It takes a long time to learn a language, sometimes years, so if you do this in your own time it will demonstrate to an employer that you are devoted to career development.
  • If you are multilingual or bilingual it can show the employer that you are flexible and adaptable – especially to learning new skills.
  • Having multiple languages means you are a versatile candidate – this skill is highly desirable and employers often look out for this in new candidates. It can demonstrate you are adaptable to change.
  • If your company has any offices abroad and you speak the local language you are the obvious choice if they ever need to send someone there. Speaking a variety of languages will present you with travel opportunities.
  • Building rapport with customers and colleagues can be easier if you are multilingual. You can mix with different cultures without any language barriers.
  • As well as being attractive to employers, multiple languages on your CV can open up opportunities. There are usually more vacancies you can apply for and therefore it provides a greater chance of securing a job.